The Pride on the Move

Whoo-hoo! Let me tell you about last Saturday. Two of my fellow lionesses, C F Dunn (, Fiona Veitch Smith ( and myself have decided to move on from statues of lions (see: previous post – Lionesses on the Prowl) and head off in search of the real thing. We hot-footed it down to deepest Kent to the Wildlife Heritage Foundation ( We had a really exciting time making the acquaintance of some very impressive beasts, as you can see. Lion
There we were jumping up and down and going ‘wow’, ‘look at that’ and ‘ooh-er’ but the big cats themselves were . . . (yawn) ‘yeah, whatever’. Unimpressed by us humans? Yes, I think so. Anyway we got some great shots which we hope will help us to get some useful publicity for our books.
We crowned the occasion with the, now obligatory, selfie. This was taken on the banks of the Medway, across from Rochester Castle, not that you’d know.
photo 4

Those little cuddly-toy lions come courtesy of Fiona and mine is now sitting by my computer at home. I’m afraid he hasn’t got a name yet but I’ll sure he’ll get one soon.

Anyway, we had a great time and, hopefully, there’ll be more news about books and lions very soon.

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