Paddington Book Festival

I had a great time the other night. I was invited along to Paddington Library to give a talk, primarily about my first novel, Game, Set and Murder and writing in general. A nice mix of people came and they turned out to be a very lively crowd, they asked lots of interesting questions and together we all had a very jolly, friendly time, as I think you can tell from the photographs, which were taken by the librarian,Laurence Foe. paddington1 paddington2 I found it very exciting to see my book set up as a library book, complete with the date stamp page on the inside. Growing up I wouldn’t have had anything to read if it hadn’t been for libraries and I’m grateful for their presence and very glad to support them. They’re absolutely vital to any community. This event was part of the Paddington Book Festival and it looks as though things are going very well.

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