Lionesses on the Prowl


Hi everybody,   I had a great time on Saturday.   I got the chance to make the acquaintance of, writer, Sue Russell (A Shed in a Cucumber Field: and hook up again with two of my fellow Lion Fiction authors, C F Dunn (The Secret of the Journal, a five-book serial: and Fiona Veitch Smith (The Jazz Files: and  we hit the West End.   We were actually hoping for a photo-opportunity with the Lions in Trafalgar Square to help promote our novels but a huge festival was going on there and we couldn’t even get close.   The music sounded good, though, and it all looked very lively.

So we came back along the Mall to check out the lions opposite Buckingham Palace.   Big thanks go to Sue for her patient photography but, alas, the lions themselves are a little too highly placed and we had to content ourselves with sitting on the wall beneath them.   Never mind, we’re resourceful ladies so . . . watch this space because we’ve got the pride of our, er, ‘pride’ to uphold.

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