For aspiring writers

If you’re an aspiring writer you probably don’t need me to tell you anything about the frustration of trying to get an agent or publisher, of submitting your work only to receive rejection slips in reply. There’s no way round it: It’s a slog and it can be heartbreaking and it isn’t any wonder that many writers nowadays choose to go the self-publishing route.
Whether you continue to try for a traditional deal or self-publish there is one rule that applies equally in both cases: EDITING. Good editing is vital.
If you look around you’ll find there are many companies offering editorial services and you’ll soon discover some of them can be very pricey. I won’t go into any details here because you own search will tell you all you need to know. But I will recommend someone.
During the writing of Game, Set and Murder I was put in touch with a very helpful lady called Ali Hull. Ali is one of the commissioning editors working for Lion Hudson, who have since become my publishers, but she was also running her own editorial service and she took at look at my manuscript and was of enormous help to me in knocking into shape. And, very importantly, her fees were extremely reasonable.
Ali has now joined forces with her daughter, Sarah, to form Writers Essentials and you can contact them here.   They also run courses which cover every aspect of the craft of writing.

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