A Third Angela Costello Novel Is On Its Way!

Hi, everyone,

Just wanted to share with you the good news that, today, I’ve signed a contract with Lion Hudson, publishers, for a third Angela Costello Novel to be published next year under the Lion Fiction imprint.

The title is: End Of The Roadie

I’ve teased you a little in the past with the setting for this story and I can now tell you that it’s set in the Pop/Rock world.   Angela and her team are called to one of London’s foremost concert venues in Hammersmith, in London, to investigate when the roadie for a mega-star is murdered.   Is the pop singer involved?   Could it be another member of the road  crew?   Or perhaps the culprit is somebody connected with the supporting act?   Once again there are no shortage of suspects and Angela finds herself backstage in very unfamiliar surroundings.

Watch this space for more information.

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